Who wants to feel like a kid again? We all do!

We all CAN!

Brrring! The recess bell rings. Doors fly open and you run out screaming. Freedom! Fun! Pure joy. Can you feel it? This is Playground Heaven.

Everything was right in the world when we were on the playground. But we grew up and left it behind. We did what we were told to live a happy life, but we lost something along the way.

We want that playground heaven feeling back, and we want it to last.

Author Scott Froyen lived the so-called good life for 33 years; seemingly perfect, yet miserable. He had lost that playground feeling and desperately wanted it back. He searched, found, and is living it now. He will help you to

  • Recapture the freedom you once enjoyed
  • Have more fun every single day
  • Build your fortitude to endure the inevitable hardships of daily living
  • Regain the feeling of joy you had as a kid on that playground
“Scott does a great job of making this book real by using his own life examples that we can all relate to, even confessing that following the standard formula for achieving success and happiness didn’t necessarily work. Scott’s recommendations can make anyone a better person and help them achieve true happiness and life satisfaction.”

– Steve D.

“If you’ve ever caught yourself wondering why your life feels like a dull routine, or if you ever felt trapped in the choices you’ve made, I’ve got good news for you. Scott Froyen’s new book may be just the ticket for you to actually make meaningful changes in your life. Playground Heaven is a terrific book and an easy read. Froyen delivers a thoughtful and well-structured approach to restoring child-like fun in your life and does so with humor and insight. I found myself thinking “this is too easy to really work” but I was wrong! I recommend this book to anyone and everyone longing to feel like a kid again.”

– Dave E.

“Scott Froyen uses the power of images and imagination to recreate a playground teeming with fun, exuberance, freedom, and friendship. He questions his childhood with the contemplative benefit of adulthood to pinpoint and highlight connections between then and now. Readers will lean into his stories, walk around inside them, and discover their magic moments. With the wonder of words, Froyen awakens and harnesses the carefree and liberating expressions of being a kid again.”

– Len F.

“This book has 100% changed my life and helped me figure out a lot of tough stuff.  I finally feel more at ease than I have in a long time.”

– Sarah T.

Playground Heaven inspires the reader to pursue joy in every day life and includes practical ideas and homework to develop habits and a shift in thinking. Scott Froyen does this with humor and a personal touch. His honesty and vulnerability will appeal to readers in every season of life.”

– Tammy J.

Play in the Sandbox

Meet the Author

Scott Froyen has had the good fortune of living a successful life, by worldly standards. He played college tennis, graduated with a degree in business and became a CPA. He also became a husband, father, and eventually a grandfather. He held fancy work titles at a few large organizations and then retired. However, something was missing for the majority of those four adulthood decades.

No matter what your circumstance, you can feel like a kid again right now.
Are you ready? Let’s get started … Brrrring!